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Feb 27, 2024
Understand This section: This section is only about Blackberry 4.x to 7.x OS.

1-Advertisement of other resources like forums, Site Logins Crack Software are not allowed.

2-This is not sale section! You cant sell Service here!!

3-Use the SEARCH BUTTON before posting(Someone might have faced the same issue)

4-This section is for Free Solutions. Solutions using any box or dongle will be deleted!

5- Please post full details of the phone (Phone model and version and Problem). Any thread without these info will be deleted or will remain unanswered.

6- When posting a YOUTUBE video on this forum always integrate LOGO in the video!(Check attached zip file)
PS: If video is directly uploaded to, then no need to add Logo! ( EXAMPLE SHOW AT THIS THREAD

7-Only write in the English Language

8-No rude language admitted for any reason

9-Use the Like button.
NOTE: Thread's posted with only Thanks, Good, Nice.etc will be deleted
Not open for further replies.