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Feb 27, 2024
To keep the section useful and clean, Please read Carefully the below Rules before posting your thread.
Failing to apply the rules might lead to thread deletion or even Ban.

Understand This section: This section is for any gps device (GSM Phones, Pocket Pc´s, Sat Nav´s, etc...)

1-No cracked applications is allowed or the post will be deleted

2-Use the SEARCH BUTTON before posting(Someone might have faced the same issue)

3-Only write in English Language

4-No rude language admitted for any reason

5-Use the thanks button.
NOTE:Thread's posted with only Thanks,Good,Nice.etc will get deleted

6-Advertise of other resources like forums are not allowed.

7-Advertisement of Service Site Logins is Not permitted..

These rules are not final and can be reviewed by Administrations any time so keep checking them for any update