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Feb 27, 2024

To keep the section useful, Please read Carefully the Conditions & Rules before posting your thread in Open Market.

1. In the "Open Market" section, the Forum rules are in full effect.

2. In the "Open Market" can only place ads from individuals.

3. The topic raising (AP) is disabled, the ad lifetime is 10 days.

4. Any purchase/sale/exchange announcement must contain the following information:
the city in which the goods are sold/bought;
price of goods (in the case of the sale);
name (title) of the goods (in the case of sale/exchange);
type of transaction (purchase / sale and / or exchange).
5. In the "Open Market" forum you can sell and buy only:
Software and Hardware Equipment & Mobile Spare Parts;
Smartphones and tablets;
Cell phones;
PDAs and communicators;
Digital video cameras and cameras;
Smartwatches and bracelets;
Memory cards, card readers;
GPS devices;
Gaming consoles;
Wireless modems and mobile routers;
Accessories for the above devices (covers, chargers, interface cables, etc.).
Buying/selling / exchanging another none GSM related products is prohibited.
We also reserve the right to refuse to publish any ad without giving reasons.

6. The forum "Open Market" PROHIBITED:
place a commercial advertisement for the sale and purchase of goods and services, as well as ads from legal entities;
buy/sell and exchange any games and programs, licensed or Virus;