Update Market Feed Back Rules (29/02/2024)

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Feb 24, 2024

Forum Moderators and admins HOLD no responsibility to Anyone in this forum if they got cheated , We do our best to make forum safe from cheaters .
but it's not our JOB or we are not obliged by anything and we won't tolerate any insult to any member of the team without FACTS and PROOFS

These rules are here for a reason,to protect the sellers and buyers...
These rules apply to everyone no special treatments.

[1]Thread starter must post all proofs he can provide in his first post otherwise thread will be deleted.

[2]Thread starter must add gsmhosting id of his opponent (if he doesn't have one in forum then post proofs and we will decide either thread stay as warning or deleted).

[3]"Innocent until proven guilty" so don't start thread with 'cheater' 'scammer' etc. Or you will get infractions.

[4]No bad words and swearing in this section keep it civilized otherwise you will be banned for 10 days.

[5]Third parties posters are not allowed (only poster and opponent allowed to reply) except if you have problem with the same person and you post proofs.

[6]Blackmailing isn't allowed claimer will be banned.

[7]Refund policy must be on your server or your web and user who won't read it his claim will be dismissed (if you don't have refund policy then general rule is to refund).

[8]Seller must be clear about his service info and should deliver (acceptable delay for 24 hours service is 3 days and you do the math for longer services).

[9]Don't post personal pictures and social media accounts unless person is proven guilty and cheater.

[10]Worldwide unlock service isn't allowed and claim will be dismissed.

[11]Stolen icloud service or any stolen service aren't allowed and claim will be dismissed.

[12]Threads regarding claims of less than 20$ will be dismissed.

[13]Don't pm us to take care of your thread or you will get infraction.

[14]Only English allowed in this section (proofs in non-English language must be translated).

[15] Advertising and spamming not allowed.

[16]Cert files selling isn't allowed in forum and any thread about it will be deleted.

[17]Unlocking scripts for unlocking websites is simple service you buy from Developer and has nothing to do with Gsm (DHURU , NAKSH, GEMGENIE) and any thread about it in forum are not Allowed and will be Deleted.

[18] Every Seller has his Rules Make sure you Read Them before making business [No Refund Policy isn't Acceptable in Forum ,Refund policy Time must be clear].

This Section Rules Are STRICT
Not open for further replies.