guidelines in dealing with codes/unlocks sellers or providers


Reading at most of the posts in the market feedback area looks like is due give some guidelines about dealing with codes/unlock servers and providers to prevent wasting money on late services or, worse, with fake servers.

>>>>Nodoby can protect you apart of yourself. Don't blame forum, mods, admins after any losing. Just read this before any deal <<<<<

BEFORE DEAL: Steps to protect yourself:

1. The 1st suggestion is, before starting to deal with anyone on sonork (both for sales or buying), to check using google or the forum search function for infos about the person (You can use email, sonork number, sonork id, name etc. etc.) as load of chances someone else already had problems with him if the person we are checking is a scammer.
(list of cheaters is here: inside sonork id, emails, names, phone numbers
2. Once the 1st check is done (better if, instead, we found quite few positive feedbacks about the person during the checkings) we can valutate the services and the selling politic of the person: Is important to highlight most of the service working with the credit system have a "no money refund" policy which means once you bought your credits packet you can't have your money back. This system means you must well evalutate what the server or person can offer you apart of the single service needed in that moment as if for any reason the service we need is or goes down you end-up with a bunch of credits often not usable for your needs: more services the server offer, more chance you have to be able to spend them if anything goes wrong.
3. Be carefull as well few websites offer on the front page an endless list of services but, once you register and try to buy them, you may discover most of these offered service are off line or not available for a reason or another: better always, before buying any credits packet, check via email or sonork or other way if the services you need are available and the real time to get what we need as, often, the timing shown on the websites is not real and you can end-up in having problem with your customer if he is not willing to wait.
Keep alway a copy of your conversation with the seller as they may help you if anything goes wrong and he refuses to refund your credit or the amount paid.

>>>>>Save all transaction id, screenshots of payment proof: best way is to keep too all conversation logs.<<<<<<

If EVERYTHING GOES WRONG: whatever I've been following these suggestions what I should do?

1st rule is don't panic;
2nd rule is never argue in a rude mode;
3rd rule is not open a paypal claim if you are not at your last resort as the 1st thing will do the seller is report you as cheater.
The best way is to contact the seller and look for a solution using the proper way and the proper language.
If this 1st step doesn't work you can open here a thread on the market feedback section posting all the data you have about the deal and the name of the seller including his contacts (icq, sonork yahoo etc etc) inviting him to answer.
Only if he doesn't answer here or he doesn't show any willing to solve the issue you can open a paypal claim as he didn't give you any other way to solve the issue.
The forum administrator will evalutate anyway your claim and if the seller show a bad attitude in managing his services they may decide to list him as cheater to discourage other users in dealing with him.

MARKET FEEDBACK: how to move when dealing with your issues

1st: In the market feedback area, please, use always a clean language as showing your anger using a bad language doesn't make you any favour but the opposite instead.
2nd: Esplane fully the issue giving as more details you can about it and the seller details.
3rd: Answer to the questions done by other users always in the proper mode whatever they don't sympathize with you.
4th: Don't react to insults or provocation but just report them doing click on the dedicated button in their post.

Hope these few words may help anyone in the future